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SkyBitz is an American company based in Herndon, Virginia, that provides machine to machine (M2M) solutions for the tracking and management of mobile assets. Parent company Telular Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Avista Capital Partners, an American private equity firm. SkyBitz is a remote asset tracking and information management service provider.

A former employee shares his opinion on, "The laid back attitudes at Telular make it fairly difficult to accomplish big new projects quickly. Growth is valued but rarely backed by the resources needed in engineering or marketing. Career growth is limited by the small size of the company."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Stay away from the accounting dept. Managers are helicopters. No life balance at all.... always stressed out"


"No work life balance for some departments. Very little communication to employees about changes to procedure's within company. Opinions not valued but rather ignored. Unrealistic expectations on learning your job within probation period, with much micromanaging and annihilation of creditabilty of ones self worth in front of their peers. Not a place to be if you don't have tough skin. Outside sales people always throwing you under the bus. Should working with you and not against you. Favoritism to some workers that do little to no work but look to be the heroic lead. No trust in employees. Previous comments on reviews of more than 4 stars of a great place is not true. Read other reviews."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There is no room fro growth. Management receive all the raises and bonuses and you receive all the work."


"No consistency in terms of telecommuting. Some departments will let employees work from home, others won't or are inconsistent in what they allow (this happens even with jobs and departments that don't have a need to be physically in the office). There are some rude and abusive co-workers across departments and even though this is known by their managers, nothing gets done about it. These rude people aren't even high performers, their managers just don't know how to handle the situation and so they let it go on without repercussions. Some rude and abusive managers too! No defined career path, promotions seldom occur for anyone. No communication and nobody knows what's going on across the company. No sense of collaboration; your department is on its own and often times openly fights with other departments. Speaking of other departments, some of them are absolutely miserable, this is widely known, yet nobody does anything about it. High turnover. Managers openly don't like each other, creating toxic environment."

Engineer says

"Few or no opportunity for growth. Senior leadership gave themselves generous benefits however the employees did not share in the success."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The laid back attitudes make it fairly difficult to accomplish big new projects quickly. Growth is valued, but rarely backed by the resources needed in engineering or marketing. Career growth is limited by small size."


"There isn't much growth. A lot of politics."

Principal Automation Engineer, QA (Former Employee) says

"Company is to big and lost site of customer quality. Job culture is great. People there are really good. Management while I was there was bad but most have been replaced or left the company.culture, work life balanceManagement, future products"

National Sales Director (Former Employee) says

"stressful culture was very distant good people that work there hard working..dedicated..good products...good industry..plenty of opportunity to improve employee morale"

Accountant - Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Telular was a good place to work. I gained valued experience while working at the company. I had many tasks to perform each day which tested my multitasking skills. I was responsible for collections on 500+ accounts per month in addition to all of my other responsibilities. I worked with some wonderful people at Telular.nice work environment, good compensation package"